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Bouldnor Battery

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1. Armed with two 6-inch BL Mark VII guns the battery was finally completed in 1938, a battery observation post was also built to the west of the guns and an engine room for the guns powered by three Crossley oil engines were on the right. To the north were two searchlights mounted fairly close to the shoreline, each emplacement had magazines buried below ground and a personnel shelter made from concrete was built between.

Garrison huts were built between 1939 -40 to house further soldiers and a rough concrete mantel over the guns was erected against straffing in 1940. In 1941 the Mark VII guns were replaced with re-lined barrels and a problem with the searchlights slipping in the blue slipper were noted and temporally fixed but were sliding into the sea. The battery was stood down in 1942 but a 40mm Bofors AA gun was fitted in 1944.

By 1945 the Bofors guns was removed and in 1947 sae the final removal of all of the guns and searchlights took place. A new lease of life in 1951 saw the battery re activated with a 6-inch Mk VII being redeployed from Cliff End Battery and fitted along with an eastern end search and three new Lister diesel engines.  The battery then saw several episodes of gun practice by the coastal defence teams, before being finally disarmed in 1956 and all guns removed for scrap.

Today it is still possible to review from the track/ road the main battery, however internal views are fenced off, the overall area is still set out as a Naval Adventure Training facility, however is now in private hands. 


Bouldner Battery - Photo John Cooper


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