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1923 Schneider Trophy

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On September 28th 1923, the Schneider Trophy contest was once more held in England - this time at Cowes. The start and finish of the 186 mile course was located within the town and there were turning points at Selsey Bill and Southsea.

Great Britain, France, Italy and America all entered teams. France entered six aircraft - two by Soc. Industrielle de Caudebec-en-Caux (Latham), two by C.A.M.S., and two by Soc. Aeronautique Blanchard. Great Britain entered three - a Supermarine Napier flying-boat, a Blackburn flying-boat, and a Sopwith-Hawker (crashed some weeks before the contest). America sent over four machines - one as a reserve, whereas Italy unfortunately withdrew a few weeks before the contest.