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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied Supermarine Walrus L2335

REF NR: 2063

The young First Officer named Anne Walker had the job in question and made her way to Somerton Airport, Cowes and was soon at the controls.


However, Anne’s flight was doomed, as soon after take-off  she caught a really bad gust of wind that side swiped her sideways and although she valiantly tried to control the aircraft, as it was not known for its agility, caught the side of a hut and catapulted her unconcious out of the aircraft as it burst into frames.

Luckily for her a local baker’s boy, passing by, rushed to her side pulling her clear of the flames and she lived to tell the tail. She spent the next six weeks at East Cowes Frank James cottage hospital before returning to active duty.                                                                                                                           

As described by Mary Wilkins Ellis - WAFF pilot at scene at the time and went to Frank James in the ambulance with her. 

Note: All images are merely representative of the aircraft and not specific.