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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Spitfire Mk 1 - L1082

REF NR: 1920

Flying from 609 Squadron, this was unfortunately the second spitfire of the day to tangle with the enemy over Ryde. This time a Bf110 came off best and the spitfire flown by Pilot Officer A Andy Mamedoff (USA volunteer) suffered critical damage and was forced to try and land.


There seems to be some confusion to the exact facts regarding this aircraft. It's unknown whether it was a controlled emergency landing or a crash landing. Some reports have it as successfully landing near Tapnell Farm in Freshwater. Another report suggests he bailed out. This may well have confused the whole show, as it suggested that a plane came down at Broad Lane Thorley. Since these two areas are very close to each other it is assumed that the one aircraft created two reports.


Subsequently, the aircraft was recovered and went back into service. Its luck ran out a year later on 22nd August 1941, when it was involved in another accident. The pilot Officer A Andy Mamedoff had no injuries from the crash which suggests he made the landing rather than crashing with the previous acquaintance at Tapnell Farm.

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