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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied - Hurricane P3830

REF NR: 1921

This Hurricane from 238 Squadron Middle Wallop, came crashing down very close to a telephone box near to the Sun Inn in Calbourne. Pilot Officer R.A.Kings had already successfully bailed out after tangling with some BF110s which were acting as fighter cover for a mess of He111s from KG55 who were retuning from a very successful bombing raid at the Vickers Supermarine aircraft factory at Woolston, Southampton. A later dig at the site uncovered very few artefacts as the major site area has now been covered with a milking parlour.

Note: There seems to be confusion as to which Hurricane aircraft crashed where on the 26th, Gilliam has it that Hurricane P3830 crashed at the Sun Inn, whereas Leal has Hurricane P3830 crashing at a Coleman's Farm Porchfield. This brings us to issue two as the other Hurricane was P5205 in Gilliam's records but Leal has it down as P5208. A third source of Adrian Searl has the same as Leal being P3830 coming down at Porchfield.


Note: All images are merely representative of the aircraft and not specific.