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History Air Crashes of WWII

Allied Airspeed Oxford NM247

REF NR: 2064

Test Pilot Everrett Leach battled in vain to control his aircraft over Havenstreet on the 19th July, 1945. Eye witnesses reported seeing parts falling off and burning debris plummeting to the ground, which was later deemed to be the port auxiliary fuel tank. Losing this made the aircraft unstable and it was this instability that Leach fought to control. He had taken off from Boscombe at 11:30hrs to conduct and put the Oxford through stability trials and general airworthiness points.


A local farmer witnessed Leach fighting with the controls, desperately trying to avoid crashing into Havenstreet instead of bailing out. The aircraft finally crashed at the south-east corner of Rowlands Wood, Havenstreet where it burst into flames. Unfortunately Leach was killed on impact. A plaque was latterly made in his honour.




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