Amazon World Zoo Park

Amazon World Zoo Park is an attraction with a difference. Learn about rainforests, conservation and see face to face some of the most beautiful, strange and endangered creatures in the world. At Amazon World Zoo Park you can see some of the creatures you won’t see anywhere else in the United Kingdom or perhaps even Europe!
Our nearest relatives are Monkeys and Apes. To distinguish between the two is that monkeys have tails although there are some exceptions. A few South American (New World) Monkeys like Amazon World Zoo Park’s resident ‘Howler Monkeys’ use for climbing and balancing their prehensile tails for a fifth limb.
Would you believe approximately half of all species of mammals are rodents! Even though rodents are a very successful group of animals they often find themselves in the predicament of possibly being killed and eaten by many other animals for food. Effectively the largest rodent the Capybara is at home whether in or out of the water. To swim they use their webbed feet and at the slightest hint of danger flee into even the fastest flowing river! Another species of rodent Porcupines find protection in special hairs which grow into spikes that form a defensive coat keeping even the most determined predator away! At Amazon World Zoo Park you will find a very unusual and rare species of Porcupine the Prehensile-tailed ‘Tree Porcupine’. They have a coat of barbed spines plus an incredibly strong flexible tail which they use to hold on to branches as they climb searching for food.
Are you thinking what on earth a Kinkajou is? Well if you visit Amazon World Zoo Park you might even see one. A Kinkajou is in fact related to the Raccoon family at approximately the size of a domestic cat it has a very long ‘Prehensile’ tail. Their diet is made up of fruit, small animals, insects it even enjoys breaking into beehives and stealing all the honey! It is known in South America as the ‘Honey Bear’. If the Kinkajou sounds to you like a fascinating animal then come and see one at Amazon World Zoo Park!
With incredibly loud voices these extremely intelligent birds in some cases have the ability to mimic the human voice. You can see a number of them at Amazon World Zoo Park each with their own unique personality.
Can anything be said about penguins that hasn’t been already? No but at Amazon World Zoo Park you can see that they all have their own unique characters and trying to tell them apart as you watch them swimming and playing is extremely difficult!