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Tel: 01983 529168
Tel: 01983 297165
Throw away the remote, turn off the tv, get yourself out of the..
Speedway bikes have no brakes, just one gear, a clutch and 500cc..
The Isle of Wight Cricket Academy is a state of the art cricket..
Tel: 01983 821000
Tel: 01983 525027
Tel: 01983 562127
Newport recreational park, bowls, cricket, football, childrens play..
Situated on the Esplanade at Shanklin just West of the old pier..
The Bartitsu Club offers Victorian, Martial Arts, History, Sherlock..
Vectis Motocross - Friendly Isle of Wight club running since 1993
Tel: 01983 853322
Ventnor Sea Kayaking Club
Tel: 01983 754780
Looking for fun-loving, adventurous and fit teams for this great..