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The Union Inn

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There is very little left of what was Old Cowes. Towards the end of the 1700s most of the wooden houses were demolished and more grandiose residences were built on their sites. Although in Watch House Lane three very small fishermen’s cottages managed to survive. They have now become part of the Union Inn a historic pub which is full of character. At the Union, history is never far off the pub ghosts ensure that.

There are local tales that there used to be a sea-light on a tower that lived above the Union Inn to lead fishermen safely back to harbour during the night. While the tower-keeper was away at sea his wife always kept it burning. However she let it slip out of her memory during a stormy night and unfortunately tragedy struck. Her husband was amongst those that drowned. The tragedy left her traumatised ghost to forever climb the stairs to the long gone tower to make sure the lamp was always burning.

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