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Tourism Ghosts and Spooky Things

Sandown Pier

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Although for several years prior to 1874 the Pier was in the planning stages it was not given the way forward until passed as an Act of Parliament in that year. This then allowed the planning to change into real work and the pier building began formalising in its opening in 1879 however it was only 360ft long, as the Sandown Pier Company who were building it had run out of funds. The pier was extended in 1895 to a length of 875 with the addition of a new pavilion in 1934. The original pavilion at the pier head became a ballroom.

By 1968 the pier boasted a 980-seat theatre which was the largest on the Island at the time. Many big stars, performed there including Jimmy Tarbuck and Bob Monkhouse. It was entertainer John Martin and impressionist Marc Duane who first saw a ghost on stage one night after the show.
They saw what looked like a gentleman standing in the center of the stage, laughing. He turned to his side, looked straight at them and then proceeded to walk off stage, straight through the curtain. At first they thought it was a joke until it suddenly struck them this was no joke. The whole event was very spooky and the place suddenly became very cold.

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