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    Cafe Coco is the perfect place to unwind during the evenings, to catch-upwith..
The church is medieval. It was founded by Hugh Gendon in Chale in..
The Convent of Mercy in Shanklin was founded from the Mercy Convent..
The foundation stone of the New Church - 'St Boniface Parish Church'..
The Church is only 48ft in length by 12ft wide, and it is the type..
The church dates from 1837 by the architect R. Ebbels.
Tel: 01983 562602
Tel: 01983 292726
Tel: 01983 882213
The church is was built in 1909 by the architect J. Standen Adkins.
The church was built originally in 1717 and was rebuilt in 1831 and..
The church was built in 1827 on Lind Street.
On September 6th 1831, the twelve year old Princess Victoria,..
The church was re-built by the architect R.J. Jones in 1892.
The church dates is medieval but little remains. Rebuilding began in..
Tel: 01983 730595
The church of ST. JOHN BAPTIST was one of the memorial chapel type,..
Northwood stood within the area of the large medieval parish of..
The first plan for a church on the present site of St.John's,..