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Tel: 01983 521751
The church dates from 1875 and was designed by the architects..
Christ Church is the original parish church of Sandown built in 1845.
Tel: 01983 527844
Tel: 01983 522095
The origins of the church are not precisely known and its original..
The church is medieval. The Church of St. Mary and St. Radegund in..
The church was built between 1861 and 1862 by the architect R. J...
The church was built in 1892 by the architect Temple Lushington Moore.
The church dates from 1835 by the architect A. F. Livesay.
Tel: 01983 529948
Tel: 01983 756591
Tel: 01983 296573
Worship reflects current Methodist practice with a combination of..
Tel: 01983 294350
Congregation of about 25, mainly middle-aged.
Tel: 01983 564533
Tel: 01983 406842