The Isle of Wight Fishing Experience

What could provide a greater number of fishing possibilities than that of an island? As an island the Isle of Wight has plenty of places where you can partake in the sport of fishing. Even in the worst weather conditions there are sheltered spots that will still make shore fishing a real pleasure.
The variety of fresh and seawater fish you can catch within and around the Wight is actually quite large. On the seaward side It includes such species as Conger, Mackerel, Thornback rays and even Tope can be occasionally caught; however the main quarry is considered to be Bass. But if you are feeling rather energetic you can try boat fishing and fish for black Breams and Skates; even Sharks can be caught by the more intrepid anglers. Not to be forgotten is the fresh water angler; again there are a variety of fish stocked within many private lakes dotted around the Island, giving you access to Carp, Pike, Trout, Perch, Roach and some Rudd. Please don’t forget your permits they can be purchased at any local tackle shops.