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Sandown Station came into being in 1864 with the opening of the Ryde..
the Shanklin Railway Station is the southernmost terminus on the..
Demolished - nothing remains, a warehouse stands on the site of the..
Tram tracks from the Esplanade to St John’s Station, with a..
In 1887 The Ryde to Newport were joined at Smallbrook Junction.
Siding with basic platform serving the Gas Works, shown on the 1909..
The platform and station building are both extant although the..
Shown on the 1909 map
The station has been tastefully converted into a private residence...
Shown on the 1947 map
Shown on the 1898 map
Shown on 1898 map
In 1897 the Ventnor Inclined (Light) Railway Company was formed with..
Approximate position
Demolished - the site is now a light industrial estate and little..
Although the station was demolished during the construction of..
Both the station building and platform are extant and in private..
A public footpath running south from Ashey Station follows the line..