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The station house survives with few alterations but all other..
The down platform has been restored and reopened in 1991 as part of..
The station was demolished in the early 1970's with a new..
Shown on the 1898 map
The station house is still standing and in private occupation; it..
The line to Ventnor was opened in 1866, one of the new halts along..
The station was situated between the two villages of Calbourne and..
Shown on the 1909 map
In playing field on the south site of Kinchington Road Demolished -..
Demolished - no trace of the halt remains. The trackbed is now part..
Now demolished - the station was cleared in the early 1970's and for..
The main station building has been demolished and the site is now..
The platform is still extant and the station buildings and the..
The station has been restored and reopened as part of the Isle of..
Towngate Pond Bridge Newport - Freshwater line.
The main station building/stationmaster's house still stands..
Medina Wharf siding
In 1991 three of the cut down sleeper uprights that supported the..