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The greatest disaster to occur in Isle of Wight waters was the loss..
Torpedoed and sank in 1918 by UB-35
The Shipwreck and Maritime Museum was founded in 1978, and had been..
Sirenia under the command of Captain MacIntyre, out of San..
Torpedoed and sunk 1918, same location as the IDUNA
On the night of February 4th 1916, the Norwegian barque Souvenir,..
March 18th 1918 set out from London to Nantes
The sinking of the S.S. Cuba, Sandown Bay 1945 April 6th
The largest shipwreck of the 19th Century on the Island was the..
The Atherfield Ledge gathered another victim on the 23rd December..
The Norwegian barque, St Monan, bound from Buenos Ayres to London,..
Sunk during an air raid
The Clarendon set sail from St Kitts on August 27 1836 with a cargo..
On 20th September, 1941, there was a dreadful disaster. The..
Managing Director of White Star Line - Bruce Ismay was alive and a..
Sank 1977
The Empress Queen was launched in 1897 for the Isle of Man Steam..