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Torpedoed and sunk 1918
Grounded 19th October 1862 at Rocken End
Torpedoed and sunk 1917
Torpedoed and sunk 1918
A Harbour defence vessel used to guard the opening in the submarine..
Sprung a leak, capsized and sank, 1978
The Dutch galiot Mathilde drove ashore in heavy rain and a southerly..
Torpedoed and sunk 1918
Torpedoed and sunk 1918
The North Shields steamer Newbiggin, 1366 tons, ran aground on Typet..
Struck a mine and sank
Broken is a collision and sunk 1918
The luckiest escape that the Island's shores have ever had from a..
Sank in a gale in 1979
PS Chancellor wrecked off the Ventnor East Pier in 1863
Struck by HMS Endymion and cut in two, sank 1893
Torpedoed and sank 1917