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World War 1 coaster, name unknown
70ft long conrete barges sank while being towed 1980
SS Coquetdale ( 1597 tons) this single screw built by John..
The steamship Cormorant ran ashore at the mouth of Whale Chine in..
The earliest instance of smuggling found on the Island
The Crestflower having been taken over and requestioned in August 1939
In dense fog the steamship Diligent sailing under the flag of the..
The schooner Dizzy Dunlop out of Portmadoc with a cargo of slates..
The schooner, Dolly, bound from Teignmouth to Bridgeness, Scotland,..
The Duke of Westminster, a fine steel steamer of 3726
Hit a mine and sunk 1917
3 masted schooner - wood construction, wrecked on the Shingles banl..
Torpedoed and sunk 1917
Grounded February 1881 at Rocken End Captain Jurgensen Cargo:..
Torpedoed and sunk 1917
Collided with HMS P 35 and sank
Collided with the Banares and sank 1882
Reason for sinking unknown, date unknown.