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Moment in time
  • Ryde Airport
    Ryde Airport opened on 27th June 1932 on 823 acres purchased for the purpose..
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Found by Martin Woodward while on a dive in 1979.
Sunk by a Stuka
Hit a mine 13th Jan 1916 - Smith's Dock Co. Ltd. - T. & W. Smith
The Alcester was an iron vessel of 1597 tons, bound from Calcutta to..
Hit a mine in the Solent off Egypt Point in 1916
Torpedoed 1918
The Austrian barque, Atlas, was driven ashore on Atherfield Ledge in..
The three masted iron barque, Auguste, of 1298 tons out of..
The 500ton Danish Coaster developed a leak and sank in 1967 after..
Collided with the SS St. Patrick and sank 1918
March 7th 1918 saw the Norwegian steamship Braatt II (1834 tons)..
Dutch two masted vessel, 183 tons register, bound from Maracaybo,..
This superb racing First Class Cutter was initially commissioned..
The Camberwell on May 18th 1917 was steaming six miles S.E. of..
The Camswan came to grief when she collided with the Polbria and..
MY Caroline Susan a 23 tons motor cruiser sank in 1940, possibly hit..
The barque, Cedarine, lost on her maiden voyage from Bermuda.
The steamship Claremont of Newcastle 668 tons, with a cargo of iron..