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Moment in time
  • Golden Hill Fort
    The lovely yellow laburnum bushes growing on the hill gave the name to this..
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A very early map of the Island -
Map, hand coloured copper plate engraving, scale about 4 miles to 1..
Thought to be developed as a defence map of portsmouth in
Mapper maker extraordinary, Mercator developed his magnificent map..
Speed was a very established map make of the 17th Century whose maps..
Hantshire and to the base the Island drawn by John Speed
1616 Bertius Ang-Ins
Hant Shire. 1626 John Bill in An Abridgment of Camden's Britannia.
1628 Mercator, Gerard. Henricus Hondius,
1635 Gerard Mercator . (Isle of Wight) The Seventh Table of..
Vectis Insula Anglice The Isle of Wight. ca.1650
Wight. 1650 from Gerard Mercator's map published originally by..
The Isle of Wight. Anglesey by Janson - Wight 1650
1662 Vdkeere Isle of Wight
1673 Richard Blome Mapp of the Isle of Wight
Del Regno D'Inghilterra. 1692 Vincento Coronelli in Corso..
1693 Capt.Grenville Collins