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Private pier for the Osbourne estate
Shown on the 1866 map
A stone causeway ...
Ryde, on the north-east coast of the island, is the largest town on..
Plans to build a pier were considered as early as the 1860s.
The village of Seaview became popular in the 19th Century due to its..
In August 1888, work on building the pier started, and the pier,..
The 450ft iron girder Totland Bay Pier was completed in 1880,
The second attempt at a Ventnor pier was proposed by a local group..
Parliament approved yes another pier for Ventnor in July 1884, work..
By 1861 the great Victorian tourism push was well underway, and the..
In Ryde, the building of an unconnected pier, separate from the main..
Shown on the 1866 map
Area now called Reeth Bay
In 1870 the Yarmouth Corporation considered building a pier