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Dinosaur Isle

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For nearly a century, the Isle of Wight Geology Museum (above Sandown Library) housed the Island's geology and fossil collections. On August 10th 2001 this changed with the opening of Dinosaur Isle, a purpose built interactive museum which replaced the old museum. Dinosaur Isle provides the space and facilities to properly display and conserve the rich geological collections.

Dinosaur Isle is managed by the Isle of Wight Council and cost £2.7 million, half of which was provided by a Millennium Commission grant. The new museum is located on Culver Parade, a short distance from the old building, and was designed by local architects Rainey Petrie Johns in the shape of a giant pterodactyl. 

The interior was designed by Leicester-based Haley Sharpe Design, who employed an array of subcontractors to make everything from showcases to rock reconstructions to full-sized fully fleshed dinosaurs!