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This is the very strange and sad story of a Mrs. Dorothy..
Pillbox in car park of Honnor and Jeffery Garden Centre, Jan 2010..
Allan Willims Turret Wroxall Down
This pillbox was situated below where the Crab and Lobster pub is..
Allan Williams Turret Bembridge Fort - Culver Down
These little forts were hastily built from 1940 when a German..
These little pillbox forts were hastily built from 1940 when a..
The pillbox seen in 2009 seems to suggest to be in very good..
A small pillbox smaller than its sister one across the road, hidden..
Sited on the opposite side of the road to that of the "Isle of Wight..
This small pillbox right of Albert Fort actually fulfilled two roles..
Originally two pillboxes, in front of the battery and slightly to..
This Pillbox at Fort Warden was developed many years prior to WWII
These two at Fort warden may have been built during WWII however not..
Most of these minor forts were hastily built from 1940 when a German..
These pillboxes were developed between 1910 / 11 to augment the..
This little fort is situated at Freshwater Bay seafront near Albion..
Situated at Freshwater Bay, beneath cliffs between Fort Redoubt and..