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    Bembridge Airport opened in 1920 on land owned by Bembridge Farm and in 1921..
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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Woodhouse Manor

REF NR: 370

"WOODHOUSE, a holding near King's Quay, to the west of what was formerly called Shoflet Creek, was held of the king in chief by the serjeanty of keeping the forest of Chute. It was probably at one time held by Henry de Bosco, and is no doubt to be identified with the eighth part of a night's fee held about 1280 by John de Lisle 'called de Bosco.' John son of William de Lisle of Wootton died about 1301–2 seised of a ruined house at Woodhouse where the forester of Chute Forest lived, for which he paid 13s. 4d. to Clarissa Sackville, and the estate passed with Wootton until the death of Bartholomew de Lisle in 1345. Soon after this time the estate must have passed to Robert de Barton of Osborne, for he in 1346 held the eighth of a fee in Whippingham which Henry de Bosco had formerly held, and an estate at Wode passed with Osborne to John Malwayn and to the Raleighs, in whose family it passed like Walpen (q.v.) until sold in 1565 by Simon Raleigh to John Dryden. Dryden sold his interest in 1566 to Richard Foster. Edward Sampson, alias Eden, died seised of it in 1620, and his son Edward sold it in the same year to Sir Richard Worsley. The further descent of this estate cannot be traced, but it is now the property of the Crown."

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