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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Watchingwell Manor

REF NR: 526

"The manor of WATCHINGWELL (Watingewelle, xi cent.; Whatingewelle, xiii cent.; Whatlyngwelle, xiv cent.) may with great probability be identified with the 'mansa' in the Isle of Wight given in 949 by King Edred to his man Alfsig the goldsmith to hold in 'everlasting inheritance.'

Apparently Alfsig or one of his descendants gave Watchingwell to Wilton Abbey, to which it belonged in 1086. Half a hide, as being in the king's park, had then been deducted from the original assessment of 3 hides, and this half-hide, which comprised the meadow land of the manor, was worth 5s. There was in the manor a salt-pan, worth nothing."

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