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Moment in time
  • Cook's Castle
    Cook's Castle was "created" around 1774 sat on the top of St. Martin's down,..
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Shown on the 1898 map. Erected by Fredk. Brodie
Built in 1701, now used as a restaurant and tea rooms
Built in 1684 was demolished in the 1960's after a fire
Hazelwood was maintained by the Y.M.C.A as a holiday home for young..
Shown on the 1898 map, the orginal usage of the building was that of..
Shown on the 1898 map built circa 1896
Isle of Wight Workhouses up to 1834 and then Newport station and now..
Originally a school shown as an Isolation Hospital from 1962
The 17th Century Town Hall of Newtown was for sometime the early..
Norris Castle is a most conspicuous feature in the coast view of..
A prosperous London merchant named George Ward in 1783 acquired a..
Shown on the 1909 map
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne and its estate from..
Thomas Barber was a contemporary of George Brannon, and produced a..
Shown on the 1909 map
In the later part of the 1700's, there was a growing concern for the..
Shown on the 1866 map
Over a thousand years of history have created a unique atmosphere..