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East Cowes Castle

REF NR: 1827

The home of John Nash (architect of the Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace in London and the Newport Guildhall on the island).


In 1798 Nash purchased some land in East Cowes overlooking the bay and started to build. It was designed with gothic revivalism in mind. Thus the build depicted towers and turrets with a great many crenulations. Over the years Nash would add the odd turret and so on, as the whim took him.  

Nash died in 1835 and the castle was sold onto the Earl Shannon. The house then passed through a number of hands. It was under the Gort family's ownership up until WWII when it was requisitioned by the army. Unfortunately a great deal of internal damage was seen during the war years. The years following saw the site in a pitiful condition with smashed windows and floorless rooms. Only the stonework and tiled floors survived the British onslaught.


Position as shown on the 1866 map.