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Yarmouth Castle

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Yarmouth Castle was actually completed after the Death of is visionary creator Henry VIII , being one of his Device ports designed to deter any invasion from the French.

This new style arrowhead style artillery bastion but without any inner keep, is situated at the quay in Yarmouth and holds a commanding position over the port of Yarmouth and the Solent.

Yarmouth Castle - Taken June 2015

 It has been thought, though not confirmed, that  French landings may well be attempted. It was not long after its completion that modifications were first started, with the infill of the northern part of the inner courtyard with soil to create a gun battery position.

To the rear a set of domestic buildings were built thus leaving only a very narrow passage way between.At the end of the 17th century further works to fill in the moat was undertaken and a large house now know a the George Hotel built on the eastern side.

The fort as like many others built in the Solent may not have actually see any action, which one could say thus justified themselves as a suitable deterrent of the time.

An early Brannon Print showing the River Yar and the Castle to the far left of the picture.