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    Ryde Airport opened on 27th June 1932 on 823 acres purchased for the purpose..
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Steynewood High Angle Battery

REF NR: 23

1. In 1189 work started on the Steynewood Battery, built to cover and defend the approaches to the Nab Tower and anchorages of St Helens.  Originally fitted with six gun emplacements formed in an arc, they were managed in groups of two, with cartridge stores and shell stores between each group.

This new style construction coming from the Twydall principal it was tweaked with various additions and trial ideas that were being developed at the Chatham design centre.
In 1893 four 9-inch H.A R.M.L guns were onsite but not fitted until 1897/8 when it was also proposed to add two more, however by 1899 there was a change of mind and it was decided that the deterrent was not great enough to put of the new battle cruisers of the day. 

Latterly the land was sold into private ownership and in the hands of the famous Thorncroft family and there is no public access available.

Sources: PDF's are reproduced with kind permission of the Palmerstonforts Society