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This spectacular concentric fort was one of the major forts proposed..
Between 1901 / 4 a battery of two 9.2-inch guns and two 6-inch guns..
In June 1863 the now “Old Needles Battery” was..
The Defence Committee in 1862 authorised the initialisation and..
Problems from the outset plagued this gun emplacement as the..
It was decided in 1860 to build a series of five forts in the Solent..
This was the earliest fort in England to be built with an..
A 19th century Royal Commission coastal battery, situated on the top..
The fort was built as one of Henry VIII’s Device Forts set..
This granite looking formidable 1861 fort dominates the western end..
The Spithead forts were built in the Solent in the 1860s as proposed..
The St Helen's Fort was not one of the original forts recommended by..
Used as a high angle battery with 6 nine inch guns to drop shells..
From Cowes Roads the yachtsman sees the Squadron Castle as..
The Worsley Battery was constructed in the late 1790's in order to..
Yarmouth Castle was actually completed after the Death of is..
The battery was completed in 1864, concrete work with Carbette gun..