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This unusual six sided fort is surrounded by a very deep dry moat.
This 6-inch coastal battery at Bouldnor, near Yarmouth built in..
One gun battery shown on the 1866 map
A Motte and Bailey castle in Carisbrooke that was built in the early..
The Carisbrooke castle museum presents a super historic view of not..
Tilt Yard or Jousting Field, shown on the 1898 map 1. The name..
By command of the Royal Commission 1859 the battery at cliff end..
1887 saw the proposal for a gun battery to be built on the front..
The home of John Nash, architect of Marble Arch and Buckingham..
It was once believed that the name Cowes came from the two forts or..
Built in 1856 just across the Solent from Hurst Castle using a very..
Built to protect the Solent from invasion by French forces, the..
In 1794 an eight-gun earthwork was propose for the site, but was..
Freshwater bay was an excellent place to land troops in good weather..
The lovely yellow laburnum bushes growing on the hill gave the name..
Built at a cost of £5,825 in 1865 Hatherwood Battery had been..
It was decided in 1860 to build a series of five forts in the Solent..
Built in 1895 to replace the older Battery at the end of the cliffs..