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Fossil Forest Hanover Point

REF NR: 975

Source: 1898 map

Hanover Point is most likely the best known of the areas with bones and footprints. The area stretches from the beach of Compton Chine to Brook Chine and is easily accessible from the car parks which are stationed at both ends it is used by surfers and hunters of fossilised footprints. The site is protected by the National Trust which means the removal of the very attractive and quite large, dinosaur footprints is prevented. There are still some which are embedded to the source exposure white splay crevasse sandstone which extends from a little west of Hanover Point to about 100 metres west of Brook Chine. It is well exposed for 15 metres at the western end, with the upper surface exposed, plus there is a section of track way in a red clay bed about 150 metres out from the cliff at Hanover Point, heading in a south-easterly direction these are only accessible at low tide. Most commonly attributed to a theropod but available at the Dinosaur Isle museum there is literature which describes them as iguanodontid.

If you are looking for dinosaur bones however the quality is less satisfying. On occasional fossil hunts with Dinosaur Farm Museum and the Fossil Shop some good specimens of bones have been discovered but the majority of the material if you can find it is minor fragments however some bigger specimens have been found. Disappointingly the very best specimens are embedded in the cliffs which means the best thing to do is go further along the beach.

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