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Chilton Chine

REF NR: 2422

This site is not well known and is frequently overlooked because of the very hard to find path that leads from a little unmarked free car park with its view concealed by its neighbour ‘Isle of Wight Pearl’.

This location may lead you to find rolled bones and plenty of small foot casts however these casts are mostly loose with insignificant stratigraphic use. You should be ruthless when collecting here because many of these footprints thought to be dinosaur footprints are actually nothing more than mere footprint shaped rocks. In actual fact some experts in the field of palaeontology have been deceived by them.

From this location to Hanover Point rolled segments of dinosaur bone may be found more so at low tide. There is also a bed of plant debris approximately five hundred meters from Chilton Chine. Here you may find lignite and maybe even the odd bone.