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Bembridge is a peaceful location, with small low cliffs that yield a..
This small quarry along the B3395 near Bembridge yields Sponges and..
Whilst most people remember Blackgang Chine for its popular theme..
Brighstone Bay is famous for the partial Sauropod Skeleton found by..
Brook Bay is popular for finding dinosaur fragments along the shores.
This site is not well known and is frequently overlooked because of..
The huge cliffs of Culver Cliff can yield some superb sponges and..
Shown on the 1898 map. Hanover Point is most likely the best known..
The Early Oligocene beds at Hamstead are highly fossiliferous in..
In a peaceful corner on the Isle of Wight, Rocken End is a less..
Shepherds Chine is a superb location that yields some superb fish..
Whitecliff Bay is a geologists heaven, where else can you collect..
The Early Oligocene beds at Yarmouth are highly fossiliferous in..
This famous location is well known for Dinosaur bones, Reptile and..