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RFC Brading

REF NR: 354

From June 1918 until the end of May 1919 the Royal Flying Corps used an airfield on requisitioned land at Brading Haven. The field was located to the west of Home Farm and south of the Bembridge to St. Helens railway track. The aircraft were a detachment from 253 Squadron (possibly 511Flt) at Bembridge Point. Also used by DH.6 aircraft from Forelands (512 and 513 Flts).

The DH.6 was specifically designed as a military trainer, at a time when it was usual for obsolete service types to be used in this role. Geoffrey de Havilland seems to have had two design criteria in mind. It should be cheap and easy to build, and above all, simple to repair after the mishaps common in ab-initio training. The top and bottom wings were square cut and interchangeable.