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Moment in time
  • Golden Hill Fort
    The lovely yellow laburnum bushes growing on the hill gave the name to this..
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In 1923 the Schneider Trophy Contest was once more held in England,..
The 1929 Course for the Schneider Trophy Contest was held once..
In 1931 the Schneider Trophy Contest was once more held in..
6th May 1962 Channel Airways Dakota G-AGZB crashed into the cloud..
Bembridge Airport opened in 1920 on land owned by Bembridge Farm and..
Blackburn Rippon, S1569, following forced landing.
In 1916 Whites purchased the land and set up an airfield which..
In June 1918 the RFC opened an airfield at Forelands in order to..
The de Havilland company conceived the idea of a wooden aircraft to..
Established in 1916 as a seaplane base by the RFC at Bembridge Point
From June 1918 until the end of May 1919 the Royal Flying Corps used..
Ryde Airport opened on 27th June 1932 on 823 acres purchased for the..
Sandown and Shanklin Flying Services was formed in early 1935 with..
After designing the S.38 four-engined patrol flying-boat to..
SARO CUTTY SARK - Four-seat touring and training amphibian, the SARO..
Saunders-Roe Ltd ,or SARO. Following WW2 SARO built the Princess..
In 1947, the first of three SR.A1 experimental flying boat fighters!
Apse Manor Farm. This grass field was used from 1929 until 1934,..