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North Grounds Farm - Mk IX Spitfire crashed in Chale.
This aircraft crash landed near Ventnor on the St Lawrence road near..
This Spitfire flying from 41 Squadron Merston in West Sussex, got..
This Mk. V Spitfire crash landed at Atherfield after a flying..
On a very misty day a double tragedy within meters of each other..
Somerton airfield saw another air accident towards the end of 1944,..
A Tangmere based Typhoon was forced down on the 25th May on Brading..
On the 7th June 1944 a Typhoon from 182 Squadron crashed at Ashen..
A Tangmere based Typhoon from 197 Squadron crashed at Garstons Farm..
Test Pilot Everrett Leach whilst battled in vein to control his..
The Fairey Firefly from 798 Sqaudron Fleet Air Arm flew into bad..
Somerton Airfield was the place of a bizarre incident in June 1945..
St Martins Down claimed another victim on the 7th February 1943,..
Downed at Farringford House 8th May 1941, only one survivor being..
A Bristol Beaufighter out of Middle wallop on the 10th April came..
The first enemy aircraft to crash land on the Island in WWII at St..
24th July saw a forced landing of this Junkers JU88 at Yaverland ,..
29th May 1941 a patrolling Beaufighter intercepted the Junkers 88..