The user interfaces on Island Eye have been specifically designed to ease the client through the overall experience, however we appreciate some users may need a few more hints and tips and hopefully the following may prove useful. 

What is a Point of Interest (POI)?

The data being displayed is displayed using what we call a “Point of Interest” or POI, this can represent a place, a business, possible a person or even an event in time.  When opening any POI there are often many sub features to discover, dynamic menus will appear leading the user to further useful information as available. 


The main menu options Tourism, History, Events and Business if chosen by a simple mouse click will display the specific page with a category search field to the left. Each one of the Category filed will break out to a further set of iconised sub fields for selection. It is possible here to select either one or multiple options, continue down the page to the “Search” button.   The search criteria in use is an simple exact match only, it does not look for partial matches.

Visual Displays:

The search will be displayed in the centre panel with a further set of resource menu to the top right of the frame. The user can select and choose any of the options available and then review the new feature chosen. To review the mapped POI locations, just click on the IOW map to the top left "+ Expand" and you be presented with a full display of mapped points of interest.

A POI Main Detail Screen:

Further detailed information can be seen by clicking on any of the images or linked details displayed. This main POI screen will present a set  of dynamic options along the top to the right which can be explored by the user to deteremine theri functionality. These menus will differ depending on the information available to the record. To the top right the user may also select from “Zoom to Location”, “Add to My Eye”, “Ask a Question” or “Send us a Review”.

My Eye:

My Eye allows a user you join the site and record his or her own details about various POI’s with a text notes and work areas, along with a POI favourite listing and print centre. 


For those businesses wishing to add contact details or to take out a banner advert with Island Eye, please either use the advertising form which can be found on your specific entry or contact us on +44 (0) 1983 617872.