Free Business and Tourism Entries


To take advantage of your Free Forever entry in either our Business and or Tourism sections please follow these directions.


  • At the top of any page, in the search box provided, type in the name of your business and then conduct the search by clicking on the magnifying glass to the right.


  • If you can then spot your business name on the list that appears, click on it and your entry showing just your telephone number is visible.
  • If however you can't see your business name in the list, call 01983 617872 and we will create one for you.
  • If you were successful and you are on your own entry, proceed  to the base of the page and click on the orange FREE button.
  • A form then appears for you to enter all of your business information into, your text should be unique and at least 100 words endorsing all that your business aspires to offer.
  • Please complete as much as possible, note some elements are mandatory.
  • Once you completed all that has been requested please press the SUBMIT button
  • The Island Eye administration team will then review your details and format your entry.
  • Once it is published a link for you to review your new entry will be emailed to you.

Example Entry         Example Entry          Example Entry


Island Eye endeavours to promote the Island as an all year round superb holiday resort, every unique entry we have raises  the Island's awareness. Island Eye run by Islanders for Islanders.


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