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Click4Internet Ltd

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Click4internet are specialists in very high performance (superfast speeds and above) internet and data connectivity solutions into both Urban and Rural areas alike.

Our unique Wiber (Wireless-Fibre) solutions outperform even superfast broadband and offer 'leased line' style performance to commercial and domestic users efficiently, cost effectively and flexibly, within a few days of order.

Our first class customer service and consistent performance has earned us an unrivalled 99% retention of customers.

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Whether Wiber is deployed as a primary means of connection, a stop-gap solution to bridge the gap that lengthy terrestrial lead times leave, or to reinstate services in an emergency, or as the ultimate in diverse backup solutions to complement a leased line or high performance terrestrial product, all users are assured of genuine high performance Megabanda connectivity, backed up by quality local support.

The growing Wiber  network coverage already exceeds over 500 square miles where over 1 Million people live and work and includes the vast majority of the Isle of Wight and most of the traditional broadband 'not spots'

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Freshwater, Isle of Wight,

Phone: 01983 89 87 65