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Isle of wight urology cancer support group

REF NR: 6520

The Isle of Wight Urology Cancer Support Group fills a gap in support provision in a part of the United Kingdom (UK) where treatment involves daily travel for 6 weeks and more to a mainland hospital. It is estimated that in the next few years Prostate Cancer will overtake Breast Cancer as the biggest killer in the UK.


This Support Group also welcomes members who are affected by other Urological cancers such as Kidney, Bladder and Testicular. Welcome too are partners and carers. Having people around who are empathic and able to offer real support can be critical. Usually it is one’s partner and family who provide this; however they too may need support and consideration, which can so easily be overlooked.
The word CANCER is the one word no-one wants in their personal vocabulary. Today the advances of medical science ensure that it can be successfully treated, yet many men (in particular) continue to prefer to ignore the risks they run and too many die when they could be living. As a Support Group we exist to offer tangible support and raise awareness.  Our pseudonym is U.C.WE CARE which we hope says it all.      


Prostate awareness campaign leaflet


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94 New Road

Phone: 07548549038