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Missy J Cafe

REF NR: 3645

This lovely business is more than just a cafe, it's more a passion for good food and hand crafted cuisine rather than the everyday commercial offerings as seen so frequently being offered by others!

The owner Janine Margolius welcome you into their cafe and will assist you as requried their daily specials board is a must in order to see what super dish has been whisked up for the day!


Dishes from around the world - Themed Cuisine Evenings

Why not try something different, as one a month an evening of cuisine exploration is held as Janine server various themed dishes from a diffferent country on a monthly basis. 

Cuisine Events 2012

  Date            Cuisine Type
Saturday 28th April 2012   Greek Evening
Saturday 26th May 2012    Cape Malay Evening
Saturday 30th June 2012  

Latino Evening

Saturday 28th July 2012    Middle Eastern Evening
Saturday 25th August 2012     Spanish Evening
Saturday 29th September 2012   Cape Malay Evening
Saturday 27th October 2012   Vietnamese Evening
Saturday 24th November 2012   Creole Evening
Saturday 15th December 2012   “An International Christmas” Evening



Try something new today !

Contact Details

64 George Street,,Ryde,Isle of Wight,

Phone: 01983 612666