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Moment in time
  • Cook's Castle
    Cook's Castle was "created" around 1774 sat on the top of St. Martin's down,..
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Shown on the 1866 map
Charles Tompkins created a tour of the Isle of Wight in the 1790s
Parliament approved yes another pier for Ventnor in July 1884, work..
Demolished - the site is now a light industrial estate and little..
Dedicated to all who feel in both World Wars
Shown on the 1898 map
By 1861 the great Victorian tourism push was well underway, and the..
Although the station was demolished during the construction of..
There were three pillboxes situated on the west side of the radar..
George Brannon, perhaps the best known of all Island Illustrators..
Forest view nurseries is where you will find this type 22 pillbox.
The almshouses, erected and endowed by Queen Victoria.
Shown on the 1908 map
Shown on the 1947 map
Barracks for the troops guarding Queen Victoria while she was in..
shown on the 1863 map, now the land has been washed away where it..
Shown on the 1866 Town Plan
In Ryde, the building of an unconnected pier, separate from the main..