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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Bathingbourne Manor

REF NR: 434

"BATHINGBOURNE (Beaddingaburn, x cent.; Bedingeborne, xi cent.; Baddingebourne, xiii cent.; Bathyngbourne, xiv cent.; Bangborne, Bathingburne, xvi cent.) was granted by King Edwig (955–9), as five mansae, to his thegn Ethelgeard. The boundaries in this grant are interesting as being traceable at the present day. There is an earlier charter of King Edred (946–55) dealing with this land, but the boundaries differ from those given in the previous document. In 1086 Bathingbourne was held with Ladone by the king, Oda having held them as an alod from King Edward. The manor seems to have been held of the manor of Knighton, as at the end of the 13th century Richard Cordray held it as half a knight's fee of Elena de Gorges, and shortly after it was held of Ralph de Gorges by Robert de Cordray. Richard Cordray conveyed certain land in Bathingbourne to Robert Selyman, but the manor seems to have passed before 1343 to John Lisle 'of Bathyngborn.' Though it is not numbered among the possessions of Bartholomew de Lisle at his death in 1345, it was held by his widow Elizabeth in the following year. The manor then descended with West Court in Shorwell until the death of Mary Lisle in 1539. Bathingbourne was assigned to John Sambourne, one of Mary's co-heirs, by whom it was sold in 1571 to John Baskett, who sold it in 1583 to John Rice. Rice died at Bathingbourne in 1610 and his son Thomas received a confirmatory grant from Richard Baskett in 1613. In 1641 Thomas Rice sold Bathingbourne to Henry Knolles, and in 1690 it was in the possession of John Champneys and his wife Margaret.

"Anne Palmer alias King, Nicholas Outing and John Dale were dealing with the manor in 1733, and in 1747 Josiah Baker conveyed it to John Dale. William Farr, M.D., and Catherine Hicks, widow, were in possession in 1790, and from them it passed to William Dale Farr, the owner, in 1837.

"It now belongs to Miss Tull, who purchased it in 1898."

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