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    The lovely yellow laburnum bushes growing on the hill gave the name to this..
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History Manor Houses of the Isle of Wight

Appley Manor

REF NR: 506

"APPLEY, originally a farm of some 200 acres at the north-east extremity of the parish, bordering the sea, probably represents the land in Appley which, with Westbrook and Westhey, was granted in 1272 by Ralph de Colevile to Walter son of Maud de Estur. It was owned in the latter half of the 18th century by Dr. Roberts, who built a house where the present Benedictine nunnery stands, and left his property to the Hutt family, who sold it about 1830 to Mr. George Young. In the 'sixties Appley was bought back by Rt. Hon. Sir William Hutt, and is now owned by Capt. G. W. Hutt."

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