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Sandown Barrack Battery

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1. Sandown Barrack Battery, a 19th century Royal Commission coastal battery, situated on the cliff top approximately 2 kilometres south-west of Sandown Fort. Construction began on the battery in 1861 and was completed in 1863. It was rectilinear in plan, with the cliff edge open and the sides and rear enclosed by a dry moat containing a loophole brick wall. Entry was via a drawbridge and gate on the landward side, protected by demi-bastions projecting from the wall. The northern demi-bastion was also used as the cookhouse and guardhouse, and the southern as an artillery store.

1863 saw the completion of the Sandown Barrack Battery, as part of the Royal Commissions coastal defence strategy. It was built at the top of the cliffs at Sandown around 2 kilometres south west of Sandown Fort and covered a firing range area of Sandown Bay. Building works started  in 1861 and was completed two years later in 1863 and armed with 5* 7-inch R.B.L. guns slightly set back from the cliff edge allowing for future cliff erosion by the weather.

1891 saw the armament logged as 2* 10-inch R.M.L guns and supported by 2 * 64pr R.M.L guns . The construction rectilinear in plan; the cliff edge being the south boundary and the sides and rear enclosed by a wall and dry moat. To obtain entry you had to come through gate with drawbridge  and well protected on each side demi-bastions allowing the entrance to be easily defended from within.

Sometime during 1891/92 there was some reconstructions as two 10-inch RML guns that were formerly in Sandown Fort were now mounted, replacing the three 64pdrs. Further works took place again in 1901/02 when two 12pdr QF and two 6-inch BL Mk VII guns were installed. After 1907 the 12pdrs were reduced to that of use for target practice and three years later even the 6-inch was mothballed. The fort was completed de commissioned in 1926 but by then the barrels to all guns had already been disposed of.

The Battery is now laid to flower garden and easy access to walk around can be found.

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Source: Disappearing History